how quickly can you turn around copy?

We will always do our best for a quick turnaround. Depending on the scale and level of detail needed, we may need a little bit of time.

what if what’s written doesn’t resonate?

Writing isn’t an exact science. We always try to hit it out of the park on the first go. Sometimes it takes a couple of drafts. We include three revision passes with all copy written at no cost.

are pencils actually used for our writing?

Yes. While it may feel old-timey in this day and age of technology, there’s overwhelming evidence pointing to the power of putting a pencil to paper. Some call it brain hacking, while we call it fun. Once we write it all down, we run it through our typewriters, punch card systems, then our word processors, and only when we are satisfied we commit it to computer. That last part was just to make sure you were paying attention. Don’t worry. We have Macs and speak digital fluently.