about us

pencil shavings is comprised of veteran writers Christopher Keller Strome and Tami Gabay. After 15 years of collaborating in life and on projects, including raising human twins, they decided to go all in. Together Christopher and Tami provide the acumen of experienced professionals, while also injecting the depth of well-rounded humans into their PR and writing. Call it pizzazz. Such an insanely great word right?

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 keller strome 

Christopher brings 20 years of experience creating, shaping and executing great communications campaigns for Whistler Blackcomb, G3, and The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Endlessly inquisitive, Christopher is a voracious reader. He has leveraged this interest into becoming a proficient editor. He brings a serious knowledge of sports, outdoor activities, product, media and politics into the mix. He’s been involved in the full range of product development from concept to packaging and garnering viral press. Christopher is an all-around solid, lovely guy who brings exceptional client services. He is an aspiring hepcat and likes a solid dress shirt.


tami gabay

 Tami has two decades of media project management and writing experience in TV including producing and writing for MuchMusic, W Network, and ABC Spark programming. She has a wide array of interests from pop culture to politics, enabling her to deftly move in many different circles. As well, she can ramp up quickly, has a flair for connecting with people, and a talent for developing creative options. She loves crafting stories, especially if it involves injecting subversive humour. While Tami is right-brained, she is also a serious pragmatist who eats high pressure deadlines for lunch. As a bonus, she’s an adorable, charming weirdo, so there’s that too.